Estate Planning 101 – Everything You Need to Know


Creating an estate plan is easy to delay, but essential for your family’s future wellbeing if something unexpected occurs. In Estate Planning 101, we’ll cover everything you need to know to safeguard your loved ones.

This comprehensive guide helps you assess your planning needs from basic wills and healthcare directives to complex topics like establishing trusts, naming beneficiaries properly on all accounts, setting up powers of attorney, providing funeral instructions, and more tailored to marriage, children, assets, business or other complicating factors.

Let’s ensure your estate plan prevents legal issues, minimizes taxes, distributes possessions how you desire, protects dependents fully if you pass early and provides you ultimate peace of mind!



After purchasing, gain instant access to this 10+ page estate planning guide as a convenient PDF to read on any device. Arm your family against uncertainty!

Inside you’ll discover:

  • Fundamentals of wills, trusts, powers of attorney
  • Healthcare directives tailored to you
  • Retirement account beneficiary guidance
  • Financial inventory checklist and templates
  • Estate tax reduction and probate shortcuts
  • Tools, resources and additional information

Gain total estate planning clarity and confidence for your family today!