Dating and Finances – Everything You Need to Know


Navigating finances in relationships is hard. But clarity brings you closer! In Dating and Finances, we’ll cover everything you need to know to master money matters together – from first date expectations to budgeting after marriage.

Designed for every relationship stage, this comprehensive guide helps you navigate money values early, have supportive financial talks, protect individual credit, save cooperatively toward shared goals like travel or a home, invest together for the future, and more. You’ll get tactics for splitting shared expenses fairly and overcoming income disparities or debt baggage respectfully.

Let’s build intimacy through openness and align your partnership around mutual financial success!



After purchasing, gain instant access to this 60+ page dating and finances guide as a convenient PDF. Read it on any device and arm yourself to master money matters with your partner!

Inside you’ll discover:

  • First date money talks
  • Budgeting together tips
  • Handling debt, assets and credit scores
  • Saving for trips, a home, the future
  • Investing together wisely
  • Fair expense splitting approaches
  • Tools, checklists and additional resources

Gain the literacy to allow finances to strengthen your relationship foundations!