Left Hand Itching – Really Mean Money is Coming Your Way?

Left Hand Itching

Have you ever heard that an itchy left hand means money is on the way? This popular superstition has been around for generations. But is there any truth to the idea that left hand itching is a sign of impending wealth?

This article will take a deeper look at the origins, meanings, and legitimacy of itchy left hand beliefs across cultures. Read on to find out if that tingly left palm really does foretell financial fortune!

Origins and History of Left Hand Itching Beliefs

The superstition associating left hand itching with money has ancient roots. Let’s examine how this folk belief emerged and evolved over time:

Ancient Sources

  • Roman records from 50 BC mention itching palms as an omen of coming into money soon.
  • Greek texts also reference itchy hands indicating profitable business dealings.
  • Early European lore discusses itchy palms predicting inheritance or windfall.

Spread Through Trade Routes

  • These beliefs spread along trade channels like the Silk Road to Asia and Middle East.
  • Shared superstitions were a cultural exchange between merchants, travelers, and immigrants.

Adapted Across Cultures

  • Many cultures adopted hand itching omens but specialized meanings.
  • Left hand itching became associated with money in some Asian and African traditions.
  • Right hand itching symbolized different meanings (greetings, job change, etc).

Persistence Through Generations

  • Itchy palm superstitions persisted for centuries and passed down orally.
  • Immigrants spread these traditional beliefs to new regions.
  • They remain popular today through globalization and internet.

Left Hand Money Superstitions Across Cultures

While shared in origin, left hand itching omens take varied forms among global cultures:


  • Left palm itching traditionally indicates coming into money.
  • Right palm itching means money loss.
  • May relate to historical Chinese palm reading practices.


  • Itchy left palm predicts wealth, expenses (specially jewelry) soon.
  • Right palm signals incoming happiness and comfort.


  • Itching left palm means receiving money soon.
  • Right palm itching implies meeting strangers.
  • Also connected to spiritual roots and ancestor guidance.


  • Itchy left palm indicates you’ll shake hands with a new friend.
  • Right palm means you’ll greet old friends soon.

British Isles

  • Itchy palms show you’ll receive coins soon.
  • Left palm specifies silver while right palm indicates gold.

The Meaning Behind Left Hand Itching

There are many superstitions and folk tales about left hand itching. Here are some of the most common beliefs:

Money is Coming

One of the most prevalent superstitions states that if your left hand itches, it means you will soon receive money. This notion dates back hundreds of years.

Some more specific variations on this superstition include:

  • If your left palm itches, you will receive money.
  • If the back of your left hand itches, you will lose money.
  • If your left thumb itches, you’ll shake hands with a stranger who will bring you money.
  • If your left index finger itches, you’ll be pointed towards money.
Location of Itch Meaning
Left palm Receiving money
Back of left hand Losing money
Left thumb Stranger bringing money
Left index finger Pointed towards money

Good Luck and Fortune

Some people believe that left hand itching doesn’t just mean money is coming but more broadly symbolizes good luck and fortune coming your way. The itching may signify you’ll receive money, but it could also foretell other positive events or successes.

Energy On the Left Side

In some Eastern cultures, itching on the left side of the body, including the left hand, is associated with the flow of positive energy on that side. The left hand itch places you in harmony with the forces of the universe, aligning you with prosperity.

A Medical Intuition

Others consider a left hand itch to be your body’s medical intuition. The itch serves as a warning to pay attention to your health. It may signify you need to schedule a doctor visit or exam soon to make sure everything is alright.

Spirits are Near

Some paranormal believers think itching on the left hand means spirits are trying to get your attention. The itching sensations are signals from another realm, cues that unseen energies want to connect with you.

Is There Scientific Proof?

While many find the notion that a left itchy hand means money is coming to be an intriguing one, most medical experts dismiss direct links between itching hands and finances or fortune as unfounded superstition.

Hand itching has scientific causes that are likely unrelated to money or luck. Let’s explore some of them.

Dry Skin

Having chronically dry hands is one of the most common reasons for itchy hands. When skin lacks moisture and oils, it can become cracked, irritated, and itchy. Dry air in winter months exacerbates this issue. Using moisturizers and gloves in cold weather can help combat dry, itchy hands.

Contact Dermatitis

Contact dermatitis produces red, itchy, irritated skin after coming in contact with an irritant or allergen. Triggers can include poison ivy, nickel jewelry, latex gloves, powerful cleaning products, and more. Avoiding the irritant alleviates the itching.


Psoriasis is an autoimmune condition that causes increased skin cell turnover. This results in raised, scaly, red, itchy patches developing on the skin. It often affects the hands. Medicated creams help control flareups.


Eczema is characterized by severely dry, itchy, inflamed skin. Areas like the hands are especially vulnerable. Keeping hands well moisturized and avoiding irritants like fragrances can prevent eczema itching.

Nerve Compression

A pinched nerve in the wrist or arm can cause tingling, pain, and itching in the hand. Carpal tunnel syndrome involving a compressed median nerve often leads to an itchy palm and fingers. Treatments like wrist braces or surgery release the nerve pressure.

Skin Condition Symptoms Treatments
Dry skin Cracked, irritated, itchy skin Moisturizers, gloves in winter
Contact dermatitis Red, itchy skin after contact with irritant Avoid irritant
Psoriasis Raised, scaly, red, itchy skin patches Medicated creams
Eczema Severely dry, itchy, inflamed skin Moisturizers, avoid irritants
Pinched nerve Tingling, pain, itching in the hand Wrist braces, surgery

While hand itching has real medical causes, some make a case for possible scientific explanations connecting itching to money and luck. Let’s explore those next.

Possible Scientific Links to Money and Luck

Despite hand itching having clear medical causes, some have tried to establish logical physiological links between left hand itching and increased money and good fortune:

Money Stress

As money worries build, you may subconsciously rub your hands together in anticipation of receiving funds to relieve financial stress. This rubbing could lead to skin irritation and itching. The itch signifies money is on your mind and will soon come.

Good Luck Reflex

When you have a “gut feeling” that luck is coming your way, you may unconsciously rub your left hand as a physical manifestation of this anticipated good fortune. The rubbing results in itching.

Bioenergy Fields

Some believe bioenergy fields surround the body, with the left side associated with incoming prosperity. When prosperity is imminent, your bioenergy field intensifies on the left causing itching.

Blood Flow Changes

Emotional anticipation of money can increase blood flow to the hands. More blood circulation means more heat, fluid, and histamine production, all of which can lead to itchy hands.

So while definitive medical proof that left hand itching predicts money and luck is lacking, plausible explanations exist for how the two could be related.

Tips on Harnessing the Left Hand Itching Omen

If you buy into the superstition, here are some tips on making the most of left hand itching when it strikes:

  • Noticethe exact time/location when your left palm itches to identify any relevant patterns.
  • Documenteach episode in a journal to track any resulting money.
  • Analyzeyour itching triggers and timing details for insights.
  • Avoiddry skin or irritation that could cause rational itching.
  • Stay alertto opportunities for income in the days after an episode.
  • Keep positiveand have faith in the omen’s power if you believe.
  • Use itas motivation to work hard to manifest money.

While not guaranteed, carefully harnessing the superstition may yield positive results.

Examples of Money Mantras to Say After Left Hand Itching

You can also leverage left hand itching as a motivational prompt to focus your mind on prosperity:

  • Repeat affirmations like“Wealth is flowing to me now”
  • Recite mantras like“My finances grow abundantly”
  • Meditate on desires like“I welcome unexpected income”
  • Express gratitude like“Thank you for the coming blessings”

Use the sensation as a ritual reminder to manifest wealth and abundance through focused intention.


In the end, whether left hand itching truly portends money may come down to personal belief. But the prevalent superstition offers an intriguing prompt to consider our relationship with wealth and fortune.

If nothing else, noticing the itch can heighten awareness and motivate action around improving finances. And the optimism it fuels can put people in the right mindset to seize lucky breaks and manifest money when opportunities arise.

In a world where people seek out signs everywhere, the notion that our hands offer insight into coming fortune presents an appealing idea to indulge. If it encourages positive behaviors and financial hope in the process, a little left hand itching certainly can’t hurt!

So next time your left palm tickles, maybe it does signify some extra income or financial luck around the corner. At minimum, take it as a thoughtful reminder to reflect on creating wealth and prosperity in your life.

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