How to Make $2000 Fast in 2024 (15 Best Methods to Try)

How to Make $2000 Fast in 2024

Need to make $2000 quickly? Whether it’s to cover an unexpected expense or save up for a goal, bringing in extra cash can be a challenge. However, with some effort and creativity, you can find ways to generate $2000 in a short period of time.

This article outlines 15 of the best methods to make $2000 fast in 2024. With a mix of traditional side jobs, clever money-making schemes, and cutting spending, you can get $2000 together quicker than you think.

1. Drive for a Rideshare Company

Driving for a rideshare company like Uber or Lyft is one of the most popular ways to bring in $2000 fast, especially in busier cities. Here’s how it works:

  • Apply and get approved to drive in your area
  • Work during peak hours like mornings, evenings, weekends
  • Earn an average of $12-20/hour after fees

Driving just 20-25 hours per week, you could make $2000 in 2-3 weeks. The flexible schedule allows you to work around other commitments.

2. Sell Unused Items

Another go-to option – sell stuff you no longer use! Here are some approaches:

  • Host a garage sale and price items to sell fast
  • Sell on Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist or OfferUp
  • Use an online reseller like thredUP for clothes
  • Trade in old smartphones, tablets or other electronics

Target higher value possessions like phones, furniture, designer bags, game consoles, or instruments. Sites like eBay and Poshmark open up buyers beyond your local area too.

3. Sign Up for Focus Groups

Focus groups are an often overlooked way to pick up extra money:

  • Companies pay people $50-150 for 1-2 hour sessions
  • Give feedback on products, services, ads, designs
  • Search sites like for local options
  • Get paid in cash at the end

With a few focus groups per week, you could have $2000 in a month or two.

4. Dog Walking or Pet Sitting

If you love animals, try:

  • Dog walking – $15-20 per 30 minute walk
  • Pet sitting – $25-50+ per night

Use sites like Rover or Wag to find clients, set rates, schedule services, and get paid. Walk just a few dogs daily or house sit a couple weekends and the money adds up fast.

5. Rent Out a Room

Got an extra bedroom? Rent it out!

  • List on Airbnb, Vrbo, or another short term rental site.
  • Charge around $50/night – earn $1000 for 20 night stays
  • Provides recurring income if you keep renting it

You set the schedule based on your availability. With some weekends or consistent bookings, $2000 is attainable.

6. Become a Tasker on TaskRabbit

On TaskRabbit, you can get paid for helping people with everyday tasks like:

  • Furniture assembly
  • Yardwork
  • Moving assistance
  • Deep cleaning
  • Handyman jobs

Set your own rates and schedule. Earn an average of $20 per hour. Work full weekends or just a few hours every night to make $2000 fast.

7. Participate in Surveys

In your downtime, make money by:

  • Taking online surveys – earn $1-5 per 15-30 minute survey
  • Testing products and recording your experience – earn $5-50
  • Companies want your opinions and will pay for them!

Use survey taking websites like Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, Vindale Research and more. Share your thoughts and reviews while the money adds up.

8. Sign Up for User Testing

Similar to surveys, you can get paid to:

  • Test new apps, websites and software
  • Complete tasks and record your screen
  • Give feedback on ease of use, design, etc

Earn $10 per test lasting 10-20 minutes. Companies like UserTesting and TryMyUI make this flexible income stream possible.

9. Enter Contests and Sweepstakes

In your spare time, enter:

  • Online contests and sweepstakes
  • Answer skill testing questions
  • Like social media pages or follow brands

You can win anything from cash to cars! Check online contest directories to find options and increase your chances. With some luck, you can score $2000 in prizes.

10. Participate in Market Research

Companies will pay everyday people:

  • $75-150 for focus groups (see #3)
  • $10-25 for answering a few survey questions
  • $50-500 to test out new products

Use sites like SurveySavvy, UserInterviews and Respondent to find this lucrative market research. Sharing your thoughts truly pays!

11. Babysit or Pet Sit

If you’re good with kids and pets, offer your services through:

  • SitterCity
  • Facebook parent groups
  • Nextdoor

Set competitive rates and your availability for:

  • Babysitting – $15-25/hour
  • Pet sitting – $15-50 per day

Work nights and weekends with 2-3 consistent gigs to get $2000 together.

12. Deliver Food

Use an app like DoorDash, Uber Eats or GrubHub to:

  • Pick up food from local restaurants
  • Deliver to hungry customers
  • Set your own schedule

Earn up to $25 per hour including tips. Chain together 4-5 hours of deliveries for $100+ days. Achieve $2000 within a month working weekends and dinners.

13. Resell Thrift Store Finds

Hit up thrift stores and garage sales to source underpriced goods. Resell online for profits.

  • Clothing, furniture, vintage items
  • Books, collectibles, electronics
  • Popular brands and designer labels

Sell on eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Poshmark and other platforms. Price items 2-3 times your cost and turn $1000 spent into $2000+ earned. This takes some hunting skills!

14. Babysit on

Create a profile on to connect with families needing childcare. Charge $15-25 per hour depending on experience and number of children. Babysit 20-40 hours per week to make $2000 fast.

15. Get Cash Back When Shopping

This passive approach requires no extra work! Simply:

  • Use cash back apps like Rakuten, Ibotta, Dosh when you shop online and in-store
  • Redeem for PayPal cash or gift cards to get your money
  • Also use rewards credit cards that offer cash back

Earning rates range from 1-20% cash back. Getting $2000 may take several months but it’s worth it for the passive income.

Tips for Making $2000 Fast

  • Have a goal – save up for something specific like debt, vacation, etc. This provides motivation.
  • Track your progress daily or weekly so you stay on pace to hit $2000.
  • Pick a few methods that fit your skills and schedule. Doing too much adds stress.
  • Be realistic about how much time it will take. $2000 likely won’t happen in one week.
  • Consider asking others for help like financial gifts or loans as a last resort.

With determination and smart planning, you can realistically make $2000 fairly quickly using these proven methods. Good luck!

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