The 5-Day Hack-A-Day Challenge

Not sure where to start to get to grips with your schedule? Start here with this 5-Day Time Management Hack-A-Day Challenge!


How Does The 5-Day Hack-A-Day Challenge Work?

Each day for five days, you’ll receive an email with a challenge to be attempted the following day.

The challenges are designed to introduce you to a different strategy, action or ‘hack’ aimed at helping you to get more done with your time.


Look at it as an opportunity to try out a few techniques without having to make any long-term commitments or any major upheavals in your life right now.

A little smorgasbord of time management tools, if you like.



Will It Make Me A Time Management Superstar?

Er, no. At least not straight away.

I’m not promising I can resolve all of your time management issues with just a few daily challenges. Developing good habits requires time and the repetition of an action over a sustained period – not just doing it once on a Tuesday.


But hopefully, this 5-day challenge will provide you with some useful ideas you can use to save time, make your days more productive and help you get much more out of life than you are currently.


And if it provides you with the impetus to start introducing some of these methods on a more consistent and regular basis, then happy days!


For now though, let’s start small.



Is This Course For Me?

If you’re struggling to manage your time and you can commit to trying out five small changes to your daily routine for just five consecutive days, then this challenge is certainly for you.



How Much Does It Cost?

Nothing, except just a little bit of effort and commitment on your part.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up below to get started!